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Downtown Sarasota

Downtown Sarasota Downtown Sarasota is a thriving hub of restaurants, shops and attractions. The main road, Main Street, connects to fruit-named streets like Lemon Avenue and Orange Avenue. These perfectly manicured offshoots are home to locally-owned businesses and newly-constructed high rise condos. Downtown Sarasota is currently undergoing a large resurgence with development shaping the city’s skyline. In Downtown Sarasota, most residents reside in condominiums or apartments. Among the most popular, The Mark and The Vue, are garnering plenty of attention, not to mention the brand new Ritz-Carlton Residences that prominently overlook the bay.  The attraction to Downtown Sarasota is obvious. The hustle and bustle here is enjoyable, with easy access to everything you could want: a Whole Foods, variety of locally-owned restaurants, boutique fitness studios, coffee shops, and easy access to the ocean. Life can best be described as entirely leisure based in the heart of Downtown Sarasota. Neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Sarasota feature some of the most enviable properties. In Laurel Park, a whimsical neighborhood with quaint homes, you’ll find artistic elements commingled with newly-built homes. Just a short walk to the hubbub of Main Street, this area is quiet and highly-esteemed. Many of the homes here are historic and nothing short of absolutely charming. North of Fruitville, a district of Downtown Sarasota is undergoing major rejuvenation. The Rosemary District was once a sleepy adjacent neighborhood, but today, it is expanding with trendy coffee shops, restaurants, wine bars and salons. The area was once a goldmine for affordable housing, but today, Rosemary District and nearby Gillespie Park are at an all-time high as new developers scout out opportunities. Are you interested in moving to Downtown Sarasota? Contact Davida McDonald for local recommendations and exclusive showings.  
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